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Pollo alla Milanese Vestito (Breaded Chicken Cutlets)

Pollo alla Milanese vestitoSorry for more Italian but I’ve been on a roll lately and couldn’t resist making Pollo alla Milanese this week.  Cheryl’s been swamped at work and this is one of her favorites.  It’s also her birthday week so I thought this would be a nice weeknight dinner to prepare for her.  That and pollo alla Milanese is simple, simple, simple to make.  And what do we know about simple things in life?  They’re usually pretty damn tasty and this is no exception. (more…)


Herb Bread (Pane all’Erbe) – A delicious start to fall baking

Makes a great knackwurst-sauerkraut Oktoberfest panini!

Makes a great knackwurst-sauerkraut Oktoberfest panini!

Now is a great time for baking bread.  This particular herb bread recipe from Carol Field’s The Italian Baker caught my eye because I’ve got a lot of parsley in my garden I need to use and I also thought the bread could be used in a variety of ways.  After baking and tasting it, I think I’m right. (more…)

First Fall Dish – Lamb Stew with Backyard Garden Vegetables

Lamb Stew recipeI probably say this every year but fall is by far my favorite time of the year to cook.  It’s nice to get back in front of the stove after cooking on the grill all summer.  I just feel more creative in the fall, there’s only so much you can do with the grill, and the season brings lots of variety with it: soups, stews, roasts, braises, and baking (not that I’m much of a baker).  You can see why I was eagerly looking forward to building a lamb stew. (more…)

Making Paella Valencia Style and Grocery Shopping in Spain

Paella Valencia StyleAfter seeing the Tour de France in the Pyrenees we traveled to Begur on the Costa Brava for a quiet and relaxing week of sunshine and some sand.  Since paella can be considered beach food it seemed appropriate to make some while we were within sight of the Mediterranean.  But first, we had to do some grocery shopping. (more…)

How to make Aioli: A perfect condiment for grilled foods


With egg and without. And yes the radishes, rocket, and lettuce are fresh from the garden!

Aioli, when made from scratch is very unlike the flavored mayo you get at places passed off as aioli.  It’s much creamier, packs quite the garlicky punch, and can be used to enhance the flavors of almost anything from soups to grilled vegetables to meat to crostini.  Aioli is also very easy to make and should definitely be added to your arsenal of grilling condiments for the summer. (more…)

White Bean Bruschetta with Duck Skin Crackling

White Bean Bruschetta with Duck CracklingIt has been a real whirlwind spring so far.  I’ve been really busy with work (a good thing) and in our spare time we’ve been revamping the back yard, tearing out shrubs, expanding the patio, making some raised bed gardens (an even better thing).  Cooking has temporarily taken a back seat.  However, this past Sunday a rare thing happened, I had no work appointments, our backyard project was completed, and I had no soccer game which meant I had time to get a little creative.  I came up with a great appetizer to snack on while sitting in the afternoon sun: white bean bruschetta with some duck skin crackling. (more…)

Palette de Porc a la Biere (ou en anglais Beer Braised Pork Shoulder with a Dijon Mustard Sauce)

Palette de porc a la biereOver the weekend Cheryl requested something new and untried for Sunday dinner and said she’d pick from the cookbook shelf.  The winning recipe of the ones she chose: Bourdain’s Palette de Porc a la Biere; a.k.a beer braised pork shoulder with mustard sauce. (more…)