Pan Bigio – Rustic Italian Wheat Bread

Pan Bigio1 I know what you’re thinking, it’s too soon for another bread recipe.  I actually had another post already started but made this bread on a whim and was so blown away by it and the method, I felt compelled to shelve the other and instead post about Pan Bigio.  This rustic, whole wheat peasant bread from Carol Field’s The Italian Baker is well worth the effort and time.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be one style of bread which gets made a lot this winter. (more…)


Herb Bread (Pane all’Erbe) – A delicious start to fall baking

Makes a great knackwurst-sauerkraut Oktoberfest panini!

Makes a great knackwurst-sauerkraut Oktoberfest panini!

Now is a great time for baking bread.  This particular herb bread recipe from Carol Field’s The Italian Baker caught my eye because I’ve got a lot of parsley in my garden I need to use and I also thought the bread could be used in a variety of ways.  After baking and tasting it, I think I’m right. (more…)

The Best Raisin Bread Ever! Pan Tramvai!

The Best Raisin BreadI know, I know, not another bread recipe so soon.  But seriously, this has to be the best raisin bread you can make.  It is so chock full of raisins the dough can barely contain them.  How chock full?  Well the amount of raisins in the bread is equal to the amount of flour used.  This Pan Tramvai (or Pane all’Uva) isn’t going to last long in our house! (more…)

Baking some Italian Bread: Pane di Como

Pane di ComoMy mom is always sending me recipes she’s tried.  I’ll suddenly get an envelope in the mail from her and inside will be a recipe clipped from a newspaper or magazine.  Every now and then though a larger package will arrive in which I’ll find a cookbook she saw or found.  This week, one of those packages arrived.  And lucky me, there was not one but two cookbooks in the package!  One was a D’Artagnan Glorious Game Cookbook but the one which really excited me was the other: The Italian Baker by Carol Field.  The very first bread recipe is Pane di Como, or Como Bread.  Since I hadn’t made any bread in a while this seemed like a good time to get back in the game! (more…)