chili peppers

White Bean Bruschetta with Duck Skin Crackling

White Bean Bruschetta with Duck CracklingIt has been a real whirlwind spring so far.  I’ve been really busy with work (a good thing) and in our spare time we’ve been revamping the back yard, tearing out shrubs, expanding the patio, making some raised bed gardens (an even better thing).  Cooking has temporarily taken a back seat.  However, this past Sunday a rare thing happened, I had no work appointments, our backyard project was completed, and I had no soccer game which meant I had time to get a little creative.  I came up with a great appetizer to snack on while sitting in the afternoon sun: white bean bruschetta with some duck skin crackling. (more…)


Top Chef Recap

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m coming out of food coma from all the eating today so this is going to be a short recap.  Down to 15 chefs and these looked like really fun challenges.  A chili pepper quickfire where you could win up to $20K based on the pepper you pick and a chili cookoff challenge where you have no time limit.  I mean really, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at these?  Sign me up! (more…)