Tomato Basil Focaccia

My tomato plants are awesome. For all the crappy weather we’ve had this summer they kept chugging along, growing rapidly with all the rain. Once the hot weather hit they went crazy. I’ve been getting lots of tomatoes off of them this past week. As always, the question comes…what to do with them all? CherylContinue reading “Tomato Basil Focaccia”

Ciabatta and an Airplane Book

Last weekend we took a trip back to our old stomping grounds in Washington DC in order to see some friends and for my brother’s birthday. I had a brand new book for the plane which looked good, In Search of the Perfect Loaf by Samuel Fromartz, a book about a home baker’s obsession withContinue reading “Ciabatta and an Airplane Book”

Pane al’Formaggio – A Great Bread for Autumn

Hard to believe we’re a third of the way through September already. I know I’ve said this before but I get excited when September hits because it means I can start weaning myself off of the grill and getting back into cooking and baking in the kitchen, especially fresh bread. As usual, when it comesContinue reading “Pane al’Formaggio – A Great Bread for Autumn”

Florentine Onion and Pea Soup – what to do with leftover bread

I’ve been doing a bit of bread baking recently and always end up with 2 loaves.  One of the loaves is usually eaten quickly while the second languishes a bit and gets stale.  It’s not surprising.  Fresh bread is fantastic, two day old bread is meh.  What do you do with the re-meh-ning bread?  ProbablyContinue reading “Florentine Onion and Pea Soup – what to do with leftover bread”

A Twist on Fruit Cake: Pan del Marinaio (Sailor’s bread)

Fruit cakes are synonymous with Christmas and ever since my mom sent me Carol Field’s ‘The Italian Baker’ I’ve had my eye on the ‘festive’ breads section.  There are a number of recipes for holiday sweet breads in it, including…fruit breads.  While thumbing through it the other day I came across a fruit filled breadContinue reading “A Twist on Fruit Cake: Pan del Marinaio (Sailor’s bread)”

The Best Raisin Bread Ever! Pan Tramvai!

I know, I know, not another bread recipe so soon.  But seriously, this has to be the best raisin bread you can make.  It is so chock full of raisins the dough can barely contain them.  How chock full?  Well the amount of raisins in the bread is equal to the amount of flour used. Continue reading “The Best Raisin Bread Ever! Pan Tramvai!”