Panzanella – Tomatoes and Stale Bread

I’m back! This week has been waaaaaay more manageable than last week and I’ve actually been cooking dinners again. So happy. It has also gotten very warm and feels more like it should be for Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. For us, summer brings salads and this panzanella is just the ticketContinue reading “Panzanella – Tomatoes and Stale Bread”

Florentine Onion and Pea Soup – what to do with leftover bread

I’ve been doing a bit of bread baking recently and always end up with 2 loaves.  One of the loaves is usually eaten quickly while the second languishes a bit and gets stale.  It’s not surprising.  Fresh bread is fantastic, two day old bread is meh.  What do you do with the re-meh-ning bread?  ProbablyContinue reading “Florentine Onion and Pea Soup – what to do with leftover bread”