Spice Club from Savory Spice and Coffee Spiced Sausage Rigatoni

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I purchase my spices and herbs from a shop in Lincoln Square called Savory Spice. Last week I received an email from the store’s owner, Dave, asking if I’d be interested in taking a look at a new program they were introducing called Spice Club. Sounded very interesting, especiallyContinue reading “Spice Club from Savory Spice and Coffee Spiced Sausage Rigatoni”


Roaming Around Tuscany – Travel Post, Part 1

It’s been 4 years since the last time we were in Italy. Waaaaay too long for me, so all year long whenever Cheryl asked ‘where would you like to travel next?’ I said ‘Italy.’ Every. Time. It seems to have worked because here we are in San Gimignano, Tuscany. Not that I really had toContinue reading “Roaming Around Tuscany – Travel Post, Part 1”

Some Tips on Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for the First Time

So this is it!  This is the year you’re not dealing with all the hassle of traveling and will be making Thanksgiving dinner for yourself and a few friends.  Good for you!  Despite all the drama you’ve witnessed throughout your life surrounding Thanksgiving dinner it’s really not terribly difficult to prepare if you’re sensible.  IfContinue reading “Some Tips on Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for the First Time”

Still here! Just Swamped. Reason: We Bought a House

Just a quick note to my valued readers, I haven’t gone anywhere.  Just been crazy busy!  Cheryl and I purchased a nice brick 2-flat over in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago, about 10 blocks west of where we currently live, and have been crazily prepping it for the big move this coming Saturday.  ForContinue reading “Still here! Just Swamped. Reason: We Bought a House”

Quick Post: It’s Paczki Day Here in Chicago!

Hey Chicago!  Did you get yours this morning?  Did your boss stop and bring some to the office like mine did?  Did your friend who got up early in the morning save you one?  No?  Cheryl wasn’t so lucky either so I thought I should pick some up for her. For all the non-Chicagoans (andContinue reading “Quick Post: It’s Paczki Day Here in Chicago!”

Welcome! I Made a “Best of” List? How’d that Happen?

Hello to all the new readers clicking through or coming to my little piece of internet real estate from Chicago Rants.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. And a big Thank You to Chicago Rants for deeming me worthy of any Top 10 list!  It’s always nice to beContinue reading “Welcome! I Made a “Best of” List? How’d that Happen?”

Change it up for Valentine’s Day, Apple-Almond Tart

What, no chocolate?  That’s right no chocolate.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  Because everyone always expects chocolate and if you really want to make an impression you should think outside the box.  Apples fit in perfectly on Valentine’s Day.  Folkore, mythology, legends are full of stories where the fruit represents both good and evil.  WeContinue reading “Change it up for Valentine’s Day, Apple-Almond Tart”

Our Burns Night Supper in Wrigleyville

It all started off simply enough, “Robert Burns Night is Wednesday.  Are you going to make some haggis?  I think you should.  Oh look, here’s a recipe.”  It was at this moment I realized I am in trouble for the rest of my life.  For the most part I am able to whip things up,Continue reading “Our Burns Night Supper in Wrigleyville”

Top Chef Episode 10 – Restaurant Wars!

Yay!  Restaurant Wars!  This is always my favorite episode on each Top Chef season.  It’s the halfway point.  Everyone who makes it past this show is in the top half and we’re getting down to the nitty gritty.  Restaurant Wars is also a very risky episode.  Many a chef who’s taken the reins to runContinue reading “Top Chef Episode 10 – Restaurant Wars!”

A day wandering around Zurich

Had a lot of fun on our first full day in Zurich with a good night’s sleep in us.  It rained most of the night but cleared up and we had a beautiful sunshine filled day to work with.  We started off at a place called Markethalle, a food stall gallery underneath/inside a viaduct, soContinue reading “A day wandering around Zurich”