Oktoberfest Sausage – Onion Brat!

Oktoberfest Onion BratsLooking back I’ve noticed it’s been over a year since I’ve posted a new sausage recipe. Since it’s Oktoberfest time I thought this would be a good week to unveil my latest creation: homemade Onion Brats. I’m not breaking any new ground with this onion brat, as I’m sure it’s been done, but I’m impressed with the extreme flavor derived from just a couple of ingredients; pork, salt, shallots and parsley. (more…)


A day wandering around Zurich

Had a lot of fun on our first full day in Zurich with a good night’s sleep in us.  It rained most of the night but cleared up and we had a beautiful sunshine filled day to work with.  We started off at a place called Markethalle, a food stall gallery underneath/inside a viaduct, so Cheryl could get a coffee and quick bite.  (more…)