Padma Lakshmi

Top Chef – Finally! The Finale!

If you’ve been following my Top Chef posts you know I feel it’s been a long, uneventful, and trying season for the show and me.  Our Facebook status would be “it’s complicated.”  As the season progressed I was more and more disappointed in the challenges.  Looking back I feel the show’s producers should bear much of the blame for this.  Many of the challenges just didn’t seem geared to let the chefs’ do much creativity-wise.  Which makes the finale all the more puzzling to me.  It was awesome! (more…)


Top Chef Episode 16 – Will This Season Ever End?

I’m beginning to think it won’t.  Man, this season has really dragged on.  Much like my time spent at O’Hare this morning while waiting for a flight to New Orleans.  We had a snow storm move through Chicago last night and while it didn’t dump much snow it mucked up travel nonetheless.  So, while waiting for my flight I figured I’d bang out this week’s recap.  My morning here has reflected the past few weeks of the season, initial excitement at the start, then some delay, then into the just get it over with phase.  This week’s episode was the just get it over with episode.  The three remaining chefs came down off the mountain to Vancouver where, I am only guessing on this, the title will be decided. (more…)

Top Chef Episode 15 – I thought it was the Finale

I was so excited for Top Chef last night.  You read that correctly: Excited!  Mostly because I thought it was the big final and we’d get a winner and be done with this train wreck of a season.  I was wrong.  Cheryl kept asking if I was sure this was the final episode.  Yes, yes, of course it is, they’ll have one elimination to get rid of the fourth wheel and then it’s final challenge time.  Bing bang boom, we have a winner.  Nowhere near close to what happened on the show.  (more…)

Top Chef Episode 13 – Was that Fonzie on Water Skis? Nope, Just Pee Wee on a Bike.

That’s it.  For me the season jumped the shark with this week’s episode.  Pee Wee Herman?  Really?  I know they’ve had some odd judge choices before, like Cookie Monster, but at least there was a reasonable tie-in, they were in NYC, the quickfire challenge was making cookies, and the Muppets didn’t judge the elimination challenge.  Pee Wee’s relationship with San Antonio?  Well in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure it was a stop on his search for his stolen bike where he was told he could find his bicycle in the basement of the Alamo only to arrive there and discover there is no basement.  That’s it.  That’s also it for me taking this season seriously.  This season has become such a joke.  I feel sorry for the chefs.  This group has been given some ridiculous tasks and put in some terrible circumstances which they have no control over.  (more…)

Top Chef Episode 12 – Block Party

After last week’s episode there was no way this week’s could be better.  I was just hoping it wouldn’t drop off too much.  We’re really coming into the home stretch here and now that Bev’s no longer around for everyone to kick maybe there’ll be some new drama.  Of course since the opening scene was everyone (except Grayson) in the stew room dancing about Bev’s elimination I highly doubt the remaining chefs are going to get all nasty with each other but you never know.  Seems like Lindsay and Sarah rub Grayson the wrong way and I bet Grayson could kick both their asses.  Grayson has grown on me.  She’s not as polished as the others but she doesn’t care and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. (more…)

Top Chef Episode 11 – Snow White and the Seven Chefs

YES!  The best episode of the season!  Amazing what can happen when the chefs are given free rein.  They were really impressive this week.  I mean even the ones who I’ve been slagging off on turned in some pretty impressive performances.  The quickfire was pretty good and the elimination challenge was really interesting.  Glad that the chefs got to really show off this week.  When Tom comments that this was the best start to end meal he has eaten on the show you know it was good. (more…)