Valentine’s Day

Tarte Tatin: A Perfect Treat for Valentine’s Day

Tart TatinWay back in the beginning when I started this blog I wrote about how the apple is a more fitting fruit for Valentine’s Day and I’m still of that mindset.  If you’re going to cook a special dinner at home for your Valentine, a tarte tatin is an impressive dessert, as well as firmly outside the heart-shaped box of standard Valentine’s Day chocolate desserts.  (more…)


Change it up for Valentine’s Day, Apple-Almond Tart

What, no chocolate?  That’s right no chocolate.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  Because everyone always expects chocolate and if you really want to make an impression you should think outside the box.  Apples fit in perfectly on Valentine’s Day.  Folkore, mythology, legends are full of stories where the fruit represents both good and evil.  We all know the story of Adam and Eve (forbidden fruit! bad apple, and yes I am aware it was probably originally a pomegranate which actually if you think about it removes the evil taint from apples) but the apple is also a symbol of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love. (more…)

What’s for Sunday Dinner – Duck a l’Orange (also a great Valentine’s Day dinner)

I started making this dish for Cheryl when she was back in business school and the first time I made it for her was on St. Valentine’s Day.  Seriously, if you’re a home cook this is a pretty awesome dinner to make.  Classical French, not too difficult, delicious, and it’s duck, which is a nice treat.  Romantic, no?  The most difficult part (at least in my opinion) is the sauce and it’s not really that difficult.  It’s more about the timing and having it ready for the duck.  The sauce has a fair amount of components to it which take some time to assemble, meaning this is not quick weeknight dinner.  However, it’s perfect for a Sunday dinner, or Valentine’s Day for all you hopeless romantics.  (more…)