Nhu Lan Bakery – Delicious Bánh Mi in Lincoln Square

With all of the summer recipes I’ve been posting I noticed it has been a while since I wrote something about a Chicago neighborhood eatery.  I think I may have said this before but being a real estate broker is great for exploring Chicago and uncovering little gems you normally wouldn’t know about.  And thereContinue reading “Nhu Lan Bakery – Delicious Bánh Mi in Lincoln Square”

Quick Post: It’s Paczki Day Here in Chicago!

Hey Chicago!  Did you get yours this morning?  Did your boss stop and bring some to the office like mine did?  Did your friend who got up early in the morning save you one?  No?  Cheryl wasn’t so lucky either so I thought I should pick some up for her. For all the non-Chicagoans (andContinue reading “Quick Post: It’s Paczki Day Here in Chicago!”