A Haggis for Burns Night

Haggis Neeps and TattiesLast year around this time Cheryl tasked me with making some haggis for a Burns Night, an annual celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns held on his birthday January 25.  Basically a good excuse to get together, drink whisky, and eat some haggis.  The problem last year was we came up with idea on January 23rd two days before the holiday.  Pretty difficult to source what you need for haggis in two days.  In the end I found some at Gepperth’s Market and we had our Burns Night.  This year however I was intent on making haggis from scratch and set a reminder to start the planning.  (more…)


Oink Edinburgh! Awesome Pork Sandwich in Edinburgh, Scotland

Postcard from abroad: There is one place Cheryl and I always stop in at whenever we travel to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Oink.  It’s a little shop on Victoria Street close to the Royal Mile and the Castle which serves up great roast pork sandwiches.  Once you get to Victoria Street just look for the big roast pig sitting in the window.  That’s how you’ll know you’ve found Oink. (more…)

Our Burns Night Supper in Wrigleyville

The only way to dress this photo up is to put the whisky in!

It all started off simply enough, “Robert Burns Night is Wednesday.  Are you going to make some haggis?  I think you should.  Oh look, here’s a recipe.”  It was at this moment I realized I am in trouble for the rest of my life.  For the most part I am able to whip things up, experiment a little in the kitchen, give them to Cheryl and she’s very happy.  Clearly, she appreciates it as she’s now requesting obscure offal dishes from scratch…in two days.  Say it for me Scotty.  My complaint of “um, I really need some extra warning so I can order and round up the ingredients” was met with a look that can be described as a cross between “say what?” and “excuse me?”  How did the bar for a weeknight dinner just make a light year jump to that level?  We’ve gone from soups to haggis.  Nevertheless, I had been given a request and despite my grumbling I had to give it a go. (more…)