Month: December 2011

A day wandering around Zurich

Had a lot of fun on our first full day in Zurich with a good night’s sleep in us.  It rained most of the night but cleared up and we had a beautiful sunshine filled day to work with.  We started off at a place called Markethalle, a food stall gallery underneath/inside a viaduct, so Cheryl could get a coffee and quick bite.  (more…)


Christmas Stuff and New Year’s Travels – Where’s that Passport?

Sorry posting has been a little light lately, Christmas and all.  I’m looking forward to having the holidays over so I can get back on a normal schedule.  I really love this time of year but it can be exhausting!  No snow here in Chicago (yet) so it didn’t seem like Christmas.  I don’t know, I always like having some snow for it and New Year’s.

Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and I got some great kitchen stuff this year.  There seemed to be a dough theme going on which was surprising since no one coordinated on it!  (more…)

A Hot Christmas Cocktail

Cheryl’s parents are retired and live in Florida and the weather always seems to turn colder whenever they visit.  I don’t know how they do it.  So far we don’t have any snow here in Chicago so they’re pretty happy but it is a little…um…chilly.  More than they’re used to at least!  One of my appointed tasks during their visits is to keep them warm with hot drinks.  Normally I whip up a hot toddy for them but since it’s Christmas I thought I’d do some digging and find a more Christmas-y drink.  The one I came up with was the Tom and Jerry. (more…)

Top Chef Episode 8 – Finally! But I thought game meat was last week?

It’s about time!  They finally dispensed with all those team challenges and, not surprisingly, the overall quality jumped up a few notches.  The show also moved from Dallas to the third Texas city, Austin.  Been there, fun city.  I wonder if they’ll have a challenge at The Salt Lick?  That’d be cool.  The quickfire was really interesting and the elimination challenge was good too.  After all these weeks of watching what I felt were boring sub-par shows, this one reminded me why I watch Top Chef.  Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed this week’s episode!  (more…)

A Leek, some Brussels Sprouts, and Rigatoni get pulled out of my fridge…

In the lead-up to Christmas this weekend there’s been a lot of rushing around which has left me with little time for making intricate and fancy dinners, much to Cheryl’s chagrin.  Contrary to some belief it’s not the Escoffier Room here every night of the week!  I can’t even remember the last time I made some bread this month (doing that now).  Between the traveling, cleaning, shopping, cookie baking, and work there’s been little time left for just creatively preparing dinner.  I will be glad when Christmas is over and I can get back to that, I am definitely not a big time pastry baker and totally respect those who are.  It’s tricky.

$3.50 at Trader Joe's for almost two feet of Brussels sprouts! Barely fits in the fridge.


Christmas Cookie – Pecan Tassies

Here’s another of my favorite Christmas cookies (What ones don’t I like? The ones I don’t make of course.  Sheesh!).  You’ll need a mini-muffin pan for these.  I didn’t have one for the longest time since I never made mini-muffins, and still don’t.  I did however gain one when Cheryl and I got married and have made these cookies ever since.  (more…)