Top Chef Episode 13 – Was that Fonzie on Water Skis? Nope, Just Pee Wee on a Bike.

That’s it.  For me the season jumped the shark with this week’s episode.  Pee Wee Herman?  Really?  I know they’ve had some odd judge choices before, like Cookie Monster, but at least there was a reasonable tie-in, they were in NYC, the quickfire challenge was making cookies, and the Muppets didn’t judge the elimination challenge. Continue reading “Top Chef Episode 13 – Was that Fonzie on Water Skis? Nope, Just Pee Wee on a Bike.”

Top Chef Episode 9 – And They’re Back

Sigh.  Why, Top Chef producers?  Why did you go back to a group challenge after abandoning it last episode?  So disappointed.  The quickfire was interesting enough but another all night long team elimination challenge just added to my annoyance with this season.  It’s like they’re just relying on clichés and stereotypes for the big challenges. Continue reading “Top Chef Episode 9 – And They’re Back”

Top Chef Episode 7 – Double Down

Last night’s episode was one of the best of the season, but if you’ve been following along you know that’s not a high bar to clear.  This is two weeks in a row where the quickfire challenge seemed to really bring out the creativity of the chefs.  I loved the elimination challenge too.  Finally oneContinue reading “Top Chef Episode 7 – Double Down”

Top Chef Recap

Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m coming out of food coma from all the eating today so this is going to be a short recap.  Down to 15 chefs and these looked like really fun challenges.  A chili pepper quickfire where you could win up to $20K based on the pepper you pick and a chili cookoff challengeContinue reading “Top Chef Recap”

Top Chef – prelims pt. 2

Well at least that’s over with.  I think the third group got shafted a bit.  Each of the other groups basically had an ingredient challenge while these chefs had a time element added.  Instead of having the same time as everyone else, some had more,  some had less.  This little twist really looked like itContinue reading “Top Chef – prelims pt. 2”