A Leek, some Brussels Sprouts, and Rigatoni get pulled out of my fridge…

In the lead-up to Christmas this weekend there’s been a lot of rushing around which has left me with little time for making intricate and fancy dinners, much to Cheryl’s chagrin.  Contrary to some belief it’s not the Escoffier Room here every night of the week!  I can’t even remember the last time I made some bread this month (doing that now).  Between the traveling, cleaning, shopping, cookie baking, and work there’s been little time left for just creatively preparing dinner.  I will be glad when Christmas is over and I can get back to that, I am definitely not a big time pastry baker and totally respect those who are.  It’s tricky.

$3.50 at Trader Joe's for almost two feet of Brussels sprouts! Barely fits in the fridge.