Christmas Stuff and New Year’s Travels – Where’s that Passport?

Sorry posting has been a little light lately, Christmas and all.  I’m looking forward to having the holidays over so I can get back on a normal schedule.  I really love this time of year but it can be exhausting!  No snow here in Chicago (yet) so it didn’t seem like Christmas.  I don’t know, I always like having some snow for it and New Year’s.

Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and I got some great kitchen stuff this year.  There seemed to be a dough theme going on which was surprising since no one coordinated on it!  Cheryl gave me the ravioli press and the bread bag, my mom gave me the brotform/banneton (and a potato ricer not pictured, gnocchi “dough”!), my dad sent the new bread knife, and the truffle salt came from my mother-in-law (remember, that is always on the wish list).  I’m so excited to use these in the new year.   Already using the bread bag and knife.  That knife is great.  I’ve been wanting a bigger bread knife for the large loaves and this one fits the bill perfectly.

I’m also happy I received the proofing basket.  I saw this type when we were in Munich last spring and almost bought one.  It’s made of cane so it’s light and but fragile, which I didn’t think would work well in luggage on a plane.  Can’t wait to try it out when we get back after New Year’s.

That’s right, we’re going off roaming again!  I’m a very lucky man to have a wonderful wife who just happens to work for an airline and is willing to take me with her.  As you can imagine the benefits are pretty good.  If there’s room on a plane we can hop on.  We were trying to come up with a place to go for New Year’s and decided to head to Zurich, Switzerland.  Neither of us have been there and the more we read about it the more we thought it looked like a good idea.  Fondue and mountains here we come!  Apparently there’s tour where you can take a tram around the city and eat fondue while taking in the sights.  I wonder if it has a couch too?  Who am I kidding, they had me at fondue.

Looking forward to it and hope to report on some good food findings!



  1. The tram thing would be at this link:

    but it looks as if it’s quite well booked. Price p.p. would be around $100
    Most tourists eat their fondue at a restaurant @ the Hirschenplatz. Don’t know how it’s called, never eate there but it’s where you smell melted cheese. Or ask the receptionist at your hotel.

    1. Peter says:

      Thanks! We saw it was pretty booked up. Are there any local foods/beer/wine we should be on the lookout for? Things specific to Zurich or that region?

  2. Foods: Some go for sweets directly… while there are well known brands in the supermarkets, there are also some small batch producers available in smaller shops (e.g. @ Truffe, just below the clocktower of St. Peter’s Church). Others head to Sprüngli (e.g. @ Paradeplatz or approx. 6 other locations downtown and airport) for their macarons called Luxenburgerli.
    Heartier foods: Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (chopped veal Zurich style) or a Bratwurst @ Sternengrill (the trailor close to the Bellevue square) and many more.
    Beer: I don’t drink beer and go for drinks :-). Wide selection of beers @ Federal in the hall of the main train station. Approx. 5$ for 10oz. what would be a “Stange” (normal size).
    Wine: There are even some from Zurich. But even the selection of swiss wine is immense, maybe better on the white side. “We” about wine:

    1. Peter says:

      Thanks for the information! Looking forward to exploring a bit.

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