Month: December 2012

Baked Ham with Apple Cider Glaze

Baked ham with apple cider glazeBaked ham.  A staple of the Christmas season.  You see one at almost every party you attend, usually a spiral cut ham for easy servings, with a small dish of mustard next to it.  By the time Christmas rolls around you’re sick of it.  Unless of course you’re my wife.  Cheryl loves ham.  And by “loves ham” I mean I think I could probably bake one every week and she’d never complain.  Ok, maybe not every week.  Anyway, a baked ham on Christmas day is her family tradition and it’s one we’ve incorporated into our annual celebration.  (more…)


Merry Christmas!

Christmas NativityMerry Christmas!  The past year of blogging has been a lot of fun for me and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts about food and travels.  I’m still trying to get the hang of it all but after a year I feel my writing has improved a little bit and hopefully this blog makes better sense than when it first started.  I couldn’t do it without the help and support of Cheryl, who encouraged me to start this blog, mostly I think so she could get more Xbox time.  Anyway, never really thought anyone would pay attention to anything I wrote so thanks for all the support and kind words of the past year!  Writing wouldn’t be half as much fun if there were no readers.  Cheers!



Cassoulet – A Labor of Love

CassouletCassoulet is one of my favorite wintertime French dishes.  On the surface it doesn’t seem like anything too special, basically a white bean stew with some meat in it, slow cooked into a rich, hot, warm your bones dish.  I don’t think you simply “cook” or “make” cassoulet, it’s something you actually “build.”  In her French cooking opus, Julia Child offers a “Note on the Order of Battle.”  I don’t think assembling cassoulet is quite a battle but you definitely need a plan because the dish is not one of your quick- throw-together weeknight dinners.  In fact almost everyone recommends days to assemble it.  They’re not me though!  (more…)

A Christmas Cookie Favorite – Peanut Butter Kisses

Peanut Butter Kisses Cookies

Often times on this blog I’m putting up things which are either my favorites or somehow related to my own family’s traditions.  Well there’s another member of my family who sometimes gets overlooked in the foods we eat; my wife Cheryl.  Her favorite Christmas cookie which reminds her of her family are Peanut Butter Kisses, the cookies which have the big Hershey’s kiss in the middle. (more…)

Duck Confit – And a Few Other Things You Can Do With a Whole Duck

Duck ConfitA few weeks ago my mom and step-father were in town for a visit to see our new house and help get some stuff in order (my step-father’s an awesome carpenter) and while they were here I roasted a duck for dinner, but this isn’t about the delicious roast duck dinner I made.  It’s about the realization I had when I noticed I could purchase a whole duck for the price of one boneless duck breast.  As I do more and more home-curing I’m inclined to pay attention to being more efficient and economical.  I wanted to make some duck prosciutto for Christmas but instead of taking the quick way and buying one breast to make it I’d get a whole duck and fillet the breasts off.  As a bonus I’d also make some duck confit, get some duck fat, and make some awesome stock.  A real tip to tail operation! (more…)