48 hours in Barcelona – Things to Do

La Boqueria Barcelona After Cheryl and I got married we spent our honeymoon in Rome, Sardinia, Florence, and Barcelona.  Barcelona came at the tail end for just a couple of days and we found ourselves wishing we had spent more time there and uttered words many travelers have said “well, we’ll just have to come back.”  So when the opportunity to return to Barcelona presented itself over Easter weekend we took it!  We’d only have about 48 hours in Barcelona which just goes to show how much we like this city. (more…)


Garlic Herb Stuffed Leg of Lamb with an Orange Mint Sauce

So remember a few posts back how I said I always make a leg of lamb for Easter? (No? Well go back a few and get caught up!)  Since we were traveling I didn’t get to cook Easter dinner.  However, upon returning to Chicago I noticed ham and lamb were both on sale.  Imagine that.  It was kind of like buying wrapping paper on December 26.  Very nice.  They didn’t have any full lamb legs but there were plenty of 3-4 lb shanks and shoulders to be bought.  Prices being what they were I picked up a nice little piece of lamb (and some ham) which I intended to make for Sunday dinner.  And since this past Sunday was Orthodox Easter it turns out I did make lamb on Easter! (more…)

Easter Brunch Idea: Sausage Stuffed Artichokes

Yeah I know, that's a sorry looking Hollandaise sauce but it still tasted good!

So I’m in the grocery store this week walking around looking for inspiration and I spy artichokes on sale.  Just like asparagus, artichokes are coming into season and are yet another sign of Spring’s arrival.  Artichokes can look scary and overwhelming to the home cook.  What do you do with them?  Supposedly they’re very difficult to pair with wine so it’s not just a problem for the home cook.  Truthfully, they’re not difficult.  In fact they’re pretty easy to work with.  The simplest preparation is to trim and boil them until tender and make some sort of aioli or sauce to dip the leaves in.  Great for kids, they get to use their fingers.  We’re adults here though, so a little more sophistication is needed! (more…)