Blaue Zipfel, or Things You Learn on Brewery Tours

I know there should be more in the pan...they were delicious

I know there should be more in the pan…they were delicious. Not quite blue but…

Not quite a summery food post but I learned about this particular dish while we were checking out a new brewery in our neighborhood, Dovetail. Dovetail makes German, Belgian, and Czech style beers. We really like them a lot. After the brewery tour on Saturday we struck up a conversation with one of the owners about sausages. The two owners had spent time in Germany doing the Siebal Master Brewer program and he asked if I made blaue zipfel (or was it sauer zipfel? not sure,  I’d had a few beers and they’re the same thing apparently). I replied, what’s that? (more…)

Million Dollar Pickles or Bread and Butter Pickles?

Bread and Butter picklesCucumbers. There are a lot of them floating around right now. We picked up a bunch of pickling cukes, you know those smaller ones which look like pickles, so this week I decided to make some pickles. But not just any pickles. Million Dollar Pickles. At least that’s what my mom’s recipe book calls them. You may also know them as Bread and Butter pickles. (more…)

Cold Melon and Prosciutto Soup

Melon and Prosciutto soupLast weekend on our way home from a round of golf last we stopped at a farm stand which had some really big cantaloupes. Like as big as my head big. When I saw them I knew I’d be doing something with one for this week’s post. If it’s hot and miserable where you are, like it’s been here, then this cold melon and prosciutto soup will help. Very light and refreshing, and full of flavor! (more…)

Chick Peas with Lardo (Ceci e Lardo)

Chick peas with lardoWhile cleaning out the fridge the other day I came across a package of white gold tucked away in the ‘cheese’ drawer. A luscious 250 grams of vacuum-sealed lardo from our trip to Tuscany. Christmas in July! (more…)

Summer Fruit, Summer Pie – Cherry Pie

Homemade Cherry Pie

I’m not always all about the pig here. If you’ve followed along during the last almost 5 years you know I usually try to do more seasonal things. Summer is about fruits and vegetables. Mostly. Cherries are in season and hitting the markets so this week armed with a bag of dark cherries, I baked a pie. (more…)

A Spin on Habas con Jamon – Kind of a Vacation Inspiration

Habas con jamonVacations inspire me to make something new or recreate something local or traditional we really liked while on vacation. Hang on, you say, you were in Scotland. What does Scotland have to do with a Spanish dish? Well, the Scottish dish I am definitely going to make (Cullen skink) isn’t one for our summer, fits more with fall or winter here. However there is a connection between our trip to Scotland and Spain. Let me explain. (more…)

Scotland Part II – Some Food

That's Ben Nevis behind us (highest point in Britain)

That’s Ben Nevis behind us (highest point in Britain)

After a very relaxing 10 days in Scotland, we’re back in Chicago. We went on two good hikes, the one I posted about last week and another one which put us across a glen from Ben Nevis. Couldn’t see the top of it though. It wasn’t all hiking up mountains though. We did find time to eat, cook, and sip some whisky. (more…)