Travel Day! Headed North of the Wall (Eventually)

Oink EdinburghAnd we’re off! Well, actually we’ve been off since yesterday. I fully expected today’s post to have been written in Scotland, but unfortunately, we haven’t made it there quite yet! I’ll just have to wait another day to get my hands on a hog roast sandwich from my favorite place in Edinburgh.


Pan Tomate, A Honeymoon Memory

Pan Tomate The calendar flipped to June this week and that means it’s anniversary month for Cheryl and me. The iron anniversary! My focus on Spain lately got me thinking about the tail end of our honeymoon in Barcelona, where we took a cooking class. Yes, we learned how to make pan tomate, a delicious way to turn stale bread into part of a meal. But, what I remember most is watching other people in the class make the pan tomate. (more…)

Panzanella – Tomatoes and Stale Bread

PanzanellaI’m back! This week has been waaaaaay more manageable than last week and I’ve actually been cooking dinners again. So happy. It has also gotten very warm and feels more like it should be for Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. For us, summer brings salads and this panzanella is just the ticket for your cookouts or even weeknight dinners. (more…)

Pinchos Morunos, Get Ready for Grilling

Pinchos morunosDidn’t take long for me to dive right into my new cook book and start sharing, did it? I’ve been going through it over the past week looking at sausages and getting ideas, but as I mentioned before there’s a lot more to Charcuteria than you’d think. This recipe for grilled kebabs with Moorish influenced seasoning jumped out at me and since summer is approaching I thought it would be a good one to try first. (more…)

New Kitchen Book – Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain

Charcuteria by Jeffery Weiss It’s not often you see me write about stuff other than food I’ve been cooking or sausages I’ve been making. That should tell you something about this particular acquisition. If you are into making sausages and curing meat you need to get yourself a copy of Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain, by Jeffrey Weiss. (more…)

More Artichokes – Alla Romana This Week

Braised artichokes - carciofi alla romanaLast week I didn’t have time to properly cook some wonderful artichokes but this week was a different story. Since things slowed down ever so slightly and my Wednesday night soccer was rained out I was able to quickly throw together Carciofi alla Romana like in Elizabeth Minchilli’s Eating Rome. (more…)