Return to Provence (Pt. Deux)

Not THE Giant of the Luberon, but a giant of something.

Happy Christmas and New Year’s! As promised, here’s the rest of the Provence trip in photos to round out 2017. Proud of myself for getting more than one post in for the month. In other words, it’s nice to have down-time.

I believe I left you on the slopes of Ventoux, Gordes, and the village we were staying in, Bonnieux. One of the reasons we chose Bonnieux was because it was right next to the Foret de Cedres, a park with some walking and hiking trails and fantastic views. It’s not a strenuous hike by any stretch as you can drive right up to a parking lot on the top of the mountain ridge. Pretty much all of the paths from there are flat walks through cedar trees to overlooks. The views are, well, spectacular.

Especially on a clear day like the one we had. From the parking lot you can take a very short walk to one side of the ridge where you look down on the Durance river and its surrounding valley.


As we walked around we noticed quite an abundance of sage, rosemary, and thyme growing wild. Seeing this, something clicks in you mind, ah yes no wonder herbs de Provence and Provencal cooking are heavy with these flavors. They are everywhere! Huge plants of them too.

From the other side of the ridge you can see the Luberon spread out beneath you and look down upon Bonnieux. Giant of the Luberon (Mont Ventoux) always looming in the background.

Remember, that’s not snow up on Ventoux, just bare earth. At least no snow on this day…


One of the villages I was excited to see was Roussillon. Known for being a supplier of ocher and pigments for textiles, the village has a distinct color it. (That color is ocher btw.) Of all the places we visited I think this village was my favorite, mostly because it was quite colorful but it seemed a little bigger too. It was also on top of a hill rather than built into the side of one like Gordes and Bonnieux so it was more spread out with winding narrow streets and squares. While I really liked staying in Bonnieux, I wouldn’t mind renting a flat in Rousillon and feel I’d be quite content there.

And of course, Giant of Provence looming in the background (hidden by a bit of clouds).

On our last day, we woke up to a snow covered Provence. Not Chicago snow, but enough to make things look very pretty and slippery. Needless to say we took the long-er way around to the airport instead of straight up over the top of the mountain!


After two trips to Provence I can say it is definitely on my list of favorite places we’ve traveled to. There will not be much arm-twisting to get me to agree to a third trip!

Happy New Year, see you in 2018!



  1. chef mimi says:

    So glad I spotted this on FB! Haven’t see you for a while. How’s the sausage business going? Isn’t Provence incredible. Great photos.

    1. Thanks! It is going well! Well enough to keep me from posting much. It’s slow now the holiday push is over so hoping to do a bit more posting until market season starts in May. Have a couple trips lined up and a couple of good recipes coming.

      Love love love Provence! Such beauty.

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