Peach and Ricotta Tart

Labor Day is approaching fast so it’s time to squeeze the most out of the summer fruit. You try to get them into everything while they last. I bought some really good looking peaches last week to add to sangria and had a couple left.  Since my fresh ricotta tart is one of the fewContinue reading “Peach and Ricotta Tart”

Smoky Black Pepper Botifarra and White Beans

If there is one food which brings back fond memories of our honeymoon it is botifarra amb mongetes. Catalan sausage and beans. The food counters in the back of the big market, Mercat de la Boqueria, in Barcelona is where I had my first plate of this specialty and it was delicious. Looking back nowContinue reading “Smoky Black Pepper Botifarra and White Beans”

Blaue Zipfel, or Things You Learn on Brewery Tours

Not quite a summery food post but I learned about this particular dish while we were checking out a new brewery in our neighborhood, Dovetail. Dovetail makes German, Belgian, and Czech style beers. We really like them a lot. After the brewery tour on Saturday we struck up a conversation with one of the ownersContinue reading “Blaue Zipfel, or Things You Learn on Brewery Tours”

Million Dollar Pickles or Bread and Butter Pickles?

Cucumbers. There are a lot of them floating around right now. We picked up a bunch of pickling cukes, you know those smaller ones which look like pickles, so this week I decided to make some pickles. But not just any pickles. Million Dollar Pickles. At least that’s what my mom’s recipe book calls them.Continue reading “Million Dollar Pickles or Bread and Butter Pickles?”

Cold Melon and Prosciutto Soup

Last weekend on our way home from a round of golf last we stopped at a farm stand which had some really big cantaloupes. Like as big as my head big. When I saw them I knew I’d be doing something with one for this week’s post. If it’s hot and miserable where you are,Continue reading “Cold Melon and Prosciutto Soup”

Summer Fruit, Summer Pie – Cherry Pie

I’m not always all about the pig here. If you’ve followed along during the last almost 5 years you know I usually try to do more seasonal things. Summer is about fruits and vegetables. Mostly. Cherries are in season and hitting the markets so this week armed with a bag of dark cherries, I bakedContinue reading “Summer Fruit, Summer Pie – Cherry Pie”

A Spin on Habas con Jamon – Kind of a Vacation Inspiration

Vacations inspire me to make something new or recreate something local or traditional we really liked while on vacation. Hang on, you say, you were in Scotland. What does Scotland have to do with a Spanish dish? Well, the Scottish dish I am definitely going to make (Cullen skink) isn’t one for our summer, fitsContinue reading “A Spin on Habas con Jamon – Kind of a Vacation Inspiration”

Pan Tomate, A Honeymoon Memory

The calendar flipped to June this week and that means it’s anniversary month for Cheryl and me. The iron anniversary! My focus on Spain lately got me thinking about the tail end of our honeymoon in Barcelona, where we took a cooking class. Yes, we learned how to make pan tomate, a delicious way toContinue reading “Pan Tomate, A Honeymoon Memory”

Panzanella – Tomatoes and Stale Bread

I’m back! This week has been waaaaaay more manageable than last week and I’ve actually been cooking dinners again. So happy. It has also gotten very warm and feels more like it should be for Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. For us, summer brings salads and this panzanella is just the ticketContinue reading “Panzanella – Tomatoes and Stale Bread”