Getting Colder Outside, Make a Hearty Vegetable Garbure!

Your first question is what the heck is a vegetable garbure?  Short answer: a ham and vegetable French peasantry stew.  Long answer: a French stew I found in Ruhlman’s Twenty which enabled me to use up the bacon rind I’ve been saving in the freezer from the last time I made bacon.  Doesn’t it alwaysContinue reading “Getting Colder Outside, Make a Hearty Vegetable Garbure!”

Part 2 of the Making Bacon Experiment – Success!

If you read Part 1 you know I recently decided to up my game a little bit this summer by doing a Rumpelstiltskin on some pork belly and turn it into bacon.  For seven days I waited, kept rotating the pork belly, and watched.  Day 7 ended on Wednesday so I eagerly pulled the baconContinue reading “Part 2 of the Making Bacon Experiment – Success!”

First Attempt at Making Bacon – Part 1

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to try my hand at curing meat and making sausages.  I’ve been following a couple of charcuterie bloggers and have been fascinated by what they’re turning out.  Since I spend less time in the kitchen during the summer I figured now would be a good time to crossContinue reading “First Attempt at Making Bacon – Part 1”