Eater 38

A Tale of Two Thai’s: Eater 38’s Tac Quick, and Indie Cafe

Tac Quick's Som Tum Thai - a spicy tower of papaya

Recently we’ve been to two extremely different Thai restaurants.  One is our neighborhood place here in Wrigleyville, Tac Quick (Eater 38), and the other is up in Edgewater, Indie Cafe.  Both are very good but very different dining experiences.  At one you’ll find some unique, authentic Thai dishes, the other is more mainstream.  Oh and both restaurants are BYOB!  Score. (more…)


Eater 38 – Sun Wah Bar-B-Que

Last Friday we were sitting at home trying to figure out what to do for dinner and my phone rang.  It was Erik (of last Sunday dinner’s Erik and Jen) and he was wondering the same thing.  He mentioned they had reserved a duck at Sun Wah and could up the reservation from 2 people to 4 if we were interested.  I said I’d check with Cheryl and get back to him shortly.  The conversation then went as follows: Me: “How about duck at Sun Wah tonight instead of Thai?” (pressing dial button) Cheryl: “Yes” (phone rings) Me: “We’re in.”  That should tell you how highly the GastroGnome household rates Sun Wah’s crispy duck. (more…)

Eater 38 – Maude’s Liquor Bar

This week the Eater 38 club took a stab at another one of Chicago Eater’sEater 38” restaurants.  The choice: Maude’s Liquor Bar.  Not only is Maude’s on the Eater 38 List but it’s also on the newest Michelin Bib Gourmand list, so I was a little excited about it.  Unfortunately that excitement wore off fairly quickly.

Let me say this right off the bat, I thought their frites were some of the best I’ve had.  Perfectly fried, thick sticks of potato with a solid, crisp outer shell, encasing a light fluffy center.  They smelled and tasted like they were fried in duck fat which may explain it.  The frites were so good they didn’t need the aioli which accompanied the order.  Not as much a fan of the other appetizer we ordered, the French Onion Fondue (caramelized onions and melted gruyere).  As far as melted/broiled cheese appetizers go I wasn’t wowed.  Best to leave this type of dish to the Argentine and Mexican restaurants.  (more…)

Eater 38 – The Purple Pig

A couple of weekends ago Cheryl and I had another opportunity to dine at one of Chicago Eater’sEater 38” restaurants.  We had some friends visiting from DC who were staying downtown so we recommended going to The Purple Pig.  It’s on Michigan just north of the river which is enough to make you think “tourist food” but it’s not.  Well, okay, there can be tourists there but it’s not a tourist trap type of place.  In fact The Purple Pig is on the Michelin Guide’s “Bib Gourmand” list for Chicago which means it has high quality food and the price of an appetizer, entrée, and glass of wine is below $40.  At the Purple Pig you can definitely get under that number and be very satisfied when you push away from the table. (more…)

The Eater 38 Club

A couple of weeks ago Cheryl (a.k.a. Mrs. G-Gnome, her scientific code name) mentioned one of her co-workers came up with an idea of using the Chicago Eater’sEater 38” list of restaurants to explore some new places.  Sounded like a good idea, restaurants are added and dropped when the list is updated every few months so you can never really finish it.  First stop for the “Eater 38 Club” was Anteprima in Andersonville.  Delicious Italian food, cozy space, and the prix fixe menu (available from Sunday through Thursday) is great deal.  For $30 you get to choose three items from the menu such as starter, entrée, dessert; or starter, pasta, entrée.  And you weren’t limited to the main menu.  All of the nightly specials were options as well.  I like this a lot.  You can get an appetizer AND your pasta course! (more…)