Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli – A Refreshingly Light Sunday Dinner

Spinach and Mushroom ravioliAfter New Year’s and the end of carb-overload season I’m always looking to create some lighter yet fulfilling meals and I think pastas are a great blank canvas for this.  It had been a while since I made ravioli so I decided we’d have some for Sunday dinner.  The only major question was, what kind of filling for the ravioli?  Like most people who overdo it in December (paying for it at the gym this month), January is the month where I crave green leafy vegetables, probably because I haven’t seen one since Thanksgiving.  Actually I’m game for just about any vegetable, just so long as it’s not candied, sweetened, or glazed.  So with the goal of incorporating more green into our diet in mind, I made some spinach and mushroom ravioli.  (more…)