Month: December 2015

Cotechino – Buon Anno!

homemade Cotechino sausageI think this last post of 2015 pretty much sums up my excellent sausage-making year and kicks off the next in an awesome style. Cotechino and lentils is a traditional Italian New Year’s dish served for good luck, much like black-eyed peas here in the US. The lentils are supposed to represent coins, no idea what the large round sausage is supposed to be. Maybe a bigger coin? Regardless of whether or not it brings good fortune, cotechino is a deliciously rich sausage and an excellent New Year’s food tradition. Best part is, I now know how to make them. (more…)


Merry Christmas! Christmas Salami!

Merry Christmas blog photoI’m deep into prepping our Christmas Eve dinner but wanted to share a photo of some salami I made yesterday, some Christmas Charcuterie if you will. Instead of wrapping and putting under the tree, I stuffed and hung them in the curing fridge. Makes quite the Christmas card, no? Should be ready in a month or so, and I hope it turns out well! You’ll know if it does.

Merry Christmas!

Culatello and Fiocco – I Am Ham, Ham I Am

Fiocco and CulatelloWhen we returned from our Tuscan vacation back in October I was extra-inspired to try curing new things like salumi and hams. Eating prosciutto all week will do that to you. Inspired, yes, but not quite ready to go whole hog (ha ha ha) and hang an entire leg in my basement. Instead, I opted to cut a ham into two smaller, boneless hams, which would be ready to eat much quicker: the culatello and fiocco. Fiocco being the smaller of the two it came out of the curing fridge this week. (more…)

Creamy Mushroom Soup – A Good Winter Warmer

Creamy Mushroom SoupThis week’s post was inspired by a bowl of mushroom soup Cheryl had over the weekend at one of our favorite local French restaurants. As is often the case when she orders something really delicious she asks ‘can you make this?’ Of course I can, dear. For you, anything. One pot of creamy mushroom soup coming up! (more…)

Spanish Chorizo

Ever since I purchased Ruhlman’s Charcuterie years ago I’ve wanted to make Spanish chorizo but it requires dextrose and meat starter culture, two ingredients I never had on hand and had always put off buying. That all changed last month when I decided this coming winter would be the winter of fermented sausage and ordered the necessary ingredients. Chorizo was top of the list as the first sausage to get made. (more…)