Salami di Felino – Mmmm, Salami

Meat service is back on the blog after a vegetable post last week! And not just any meat service but cured, dried, fermented salami meat service. Oh hells yeah! Salami di Felino is an excellent starter salami as its flavor profile is simply garlic and pepper. This is the kind of stuff I dreamed aboutContinue reading “Salami di Felino – Mmmm, Salami”

Culatello – Another Curing Result is In!

A little more than a month ago I posted about curing a butchered ham into a fiocco and culatello. At the time I was only able to show you the fiocco since being the smaller of the two it was ready in a shorter amount of time. Well, here we are 5 weeks later andContinue reading “Culatello – Another Curing Result is In!”

Spanish Chorizo

Ever since I purchased Ruhlman’s Charcuterie years ago I’ve wanted to make Spanish chorizo but it requires dextrose and meat starter culture, two ingredients I never had on hand and had always put off buying. That all changed last month when I decided this coming winter would be the winter of fermented sausage and orderedContinue reading “Spanish Chorizo”