Bearnaise Sauce for Grilling Season – Why? Why Not!

Grilling season is here! Over the holiday weekend Cheryl and I bought a new grill and it was delivered just in time for use on Memorial Day. Nothing too fancy, some steak and asparagus. I wanted to do something different for the asparagus and had decided to make some hollandaise sauce when a thought poppedContinue reading “Bearnaise Sauce for Grilling Season – Why? Why Not!”

Horseradish Greens Pistou – More CSA Fun

I was talking to my mom about the horseradish greens (after last week’s post) when a really good idea popped into my head: use them in a pistou-like sauce. Prime rib and horseradish sauce are a classic pairing so I thought horseradish greens, which taste like horseradish, would go well with a nicely grilled steakContinue reading “Horseradish Greens Pistou – More CSA Fun”