Bearnaise Sauce for Grilling Season – Why? Why Not!

Grilling season is here! Over the holiday weekend Cheryl and I bought a new grill and it was delivered just in time for use on Memorial Day. Nothing too fancy, some steak and asparagus. I wanted to do something different for the asparagus and had decided to make some hollandaise sauce when a thought poppedContinue reading “Bearnaise Sauce for Grilling Season – Why? Why Not!”

Macaroni and Cheese (with Duck Confit)

If last week’s post was all about pure decadence, this week’s post is all about simple comfort food with one of the most beloved side dishes of all time: macaroni and cheese. Ok, so I added some duck confit to it for just a teensy touch of decadence. But if you’ve been following this blogContinue reading “Macaroni and Cheese (with Duck Confit)”