A Twist on a Classic Sandwich – BLT Salad

Last weekend I was in between showings with some clients and decided to stop home for a quick lunch.  While driving I was making a mental check of what we had and realized all the ingredients for that classic of classic sandwiches, the BLT, were sitting in the fridge.  The only kink in my plan was the tomatoes were the small grape ones.  Then, inspiration reared her beautiful head.  I’d dice up everything, mix them all together and make BLT salad. (more…)


Decadent Truffle Deviled Eggs for a Movies in the Parks Picnic!

We’ve had Memorial Day, the official summer kick-off.  Here in Chicago another summertime favorite starts on Monday, June 11 : “Movies in the Parks”.  Dinner and a movie outside!  These are a fun way to get together with some friends (or a romantic evening for two), have a picnic, and watch a movie.  Chicagoans are all about being outside during the summer and we are a city blessed with a lot of public park space, so we take advantage of them!  One picnic item I always try to make is deviled eggs.  They’re a small, simple appetizer to make but one which you can get very creative with.  (more…)

Get Ready for Summer Salads! Potato Salad with Eggs and Dill

Lately I’ve been talking about refreshing your grilling skills as we get closer to Memorial Day and the official start of summer.  Very important of course, but one area you shouldn’t neglect in your preparation are salads.  I was inspired to make the first potato salad of the summer since we had absolutely gorgeous Chicago weather this week.  Oh and there was also a 50 lb bag of potatoes in our basement. (more…)