Month: February 2016

Cabbage, Potato, and Sausage Soup

Cabbage Potato Sausage soupYesterday I was preparing for a late February blizzard dusting here in Chicago and decided a good soup would be in order. It just so happened there was an interesting recipe for potato, cabbage, and chorizo soup in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal. Looked good so I took the basics of it and transformed it into something of my own. You’ll notice my soup is a cabbage, potato, and sausage soup NOT a potato, cabbage, and chorizo soup. (See what I did there? Ha!) (more…)


Some Thoughts on Teaching a Sausage Making Class

Sausage classLast night I had a fantastic opportunity to take charge of a sausage making class at one of my favorite local stores, Savory Spice Shop, up in Lincoln Square. It was a really fun evening and even though I was there to give some sausage making instruction, I learned a few things myself. (more…)

Red Wine Risotto with Pancetta and Radicchio

Red Wine RisottoValentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’re like me you’d probably rather cook a nice romantic dinner at home than go out for dinner. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you’re here reading this I’d say cooking is your thing. I’ve got a good story about red wine risotto too. One which I think fits in well with the whole romantic theme of the coming weekend. (more…)

Salami di Felino – Mmmm, Salami

Salami FelinoMeat service is back on the blog after a vegetable post last week! And not just any meat service but cured, dried, fermented salami meat service. Oh hells yeah! Salami di Felino is an excellent starter salami as its flavor profile is simply garlic and pepper. This is the kind of stuff I dreamed about making one day when I first went down the charcuterie rabbit-hole years ago. As you can probably tell from my enthusiasm, it turned out great. (more…)