A Really Cool Upcoming Event in Chicago: Tale of Two Chefs Pop-Up Restaurant, Bounty of Spring

Tale of Two Chefs - The Chef Julius Russell Pop Up RestaurantIt’s rare that I get to write about an upcoming event since most of my event posts are post-event (har har har).  Well here’s a case where I can actually tell you about something coming up where I know exactly what to expect.  Coming up on May 18, 2013 is Chef Julius Russell’s next pop-up restaurant event focusing on the Bounty of Spring.  Having been to a couple of his other pop-ups (NOLA & Valentine’s Day) I can tell you it’s going to be a pretty delicious dinner.

The pop-up is being held at Signature Loft, 1640 W. Hubbard Street.  Ticket price of $85 (for one)/$160 (for two) includes at least 5 courses and special selections of Chilean wine (available on ToTC website here).  Not a bad deal for having your very own private chef prepare dinner for you.

So far the menu looks like this:

  • Pisco & Coconut Salmon Ceviche
  • Scallops with Merken Butter
  • Sea Bass with Chai Tea Spring Pea Puree
  • Pistachio Crusted Lamb with Quinoa & Carmenere Braised Figs
  • Calvados Pound Cake with Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc Braised Apples, Grand Mariner Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts & Lavender

Just read that dessert again.  I’ll wait.

I said “at least 5 courses” because Chef Julius usually adds a couple of surprises and according to his Twitter feed he’s decided to add Chicken Confit, Duck Bacon & Ramp Empanadas with Merken Avocado dipping sauce.

As Chicagoans know, we live in great city where every day we can sample a wide bounty of food options from the corner hot dog stand to Michelin starred restaurants. Chef Julius’s pop-up is one of those unique events which will appeal to anyone who likes good food, good company, and good times.



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