Home Cured Duck Prosciutto – Part 2

A week ago I buried a duck a breast in a pile of salt for 24 hours then wrapped it in some cheesecloth and hung it to cure for seven days.  As you can see by the photo it looks pretty good.  What you can’t tell from the photo is how it tastes, and I can honestly say this home cured duck prosciutto tastes pretty ducking awesome!

Throughout the week I kept walking into the den area where I hung it to dry.  I picked that room because it’s small and right next to the thermostat so it’s the one area of the apartment that is probably most consistently cool without too much fluctuation.  Every couple days I checked the duck by giving it a gentle squeeze in the middle to see how much it had stiffened.  The instructions said the duck would be ready when it was firm and not squishy like raw meat.  Sound instructions.  By the time the week was up the duck had changed to the deep color you see and very stiff, definitely not squishy.  So, when I arrived back home on Sunday from my morning soccer match (famished!) I went straight to the hanging duck breast.  I unwrapped it like a kid on Christmas morning, picked off a couple stray strands of cheesecloth, and sliced away.  Oh so good.  According to the recipe the duck prosciutto will keep in the refrigerator for a few weeks.  I doubt it will be around that long!

The best part about the duck prosciutto (in my opinion) is that layer of fat which, when thinly sliced, melts a little bit in your mouth, coating your tongue with a deliciously salty, fatty, ducky, flavor.  It reminds me a lot of some cured meat we had in Sardinia on our honeymoon. Ah sensory memories.  For the home chef this is a very easy recipe.  If you’re looking to get started making bacon and sausages I think this is a good introduction.  Salt, cheesecloth, and a duck breast is all you need!  And some patience.



  1. Wow this sounds so easy and looks yummy! Never though about this use for duck, it normally comes in a form of oven baked deliciousness 🙂

    1. Thanks! It is ridiculously easy to make.

  2. trixfred30 says:

    And a pretty massive looking duck too. Never seen duck that big before (but then being British everything meat and fish related is small over here – our idea of lobster is your idea of a big prawn, i mean shrimp)

    1. According to the package from the butcher shop it’s a magret breast, one of those ducks they make foie gras with. The breast meat on those is thicker than normal ducks. Any duck’ll do though! Next time I’ll just buy the whole duck and break it down.

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