Ora Sushi – Restaurant Review

Looks like this was some tuna, avocado, garlic chips and an aioli. Deee-lish!

Sushi.  I find that you’re either a sushi person or you’re not.  You can never convince someone to like sushi who isn’t down with eating raw fish.  And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  In fact I like it that way.  Because of this, sushi is never a “trendy” thing like cupcakes or macarons that “foodies” flock to.  You won’t find a fleet of sushi trucks tweeting their locations for the bicycle riding hipsters.  Sushi bars were “chef’s tables” long before high-end restaurants figured out they could charge a mint to let someone eat in the kitchen.  No trend.  Sushi just is.  It’s simple and clean but can be oh so memorable.  People who like it are always looking for that, and remember those places where they find it.  Ora is one of those places. (more…)


Top Chef Episode 5 – Come on, let’s get going here

So far I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the season.  The challenges haven’t been all that exciting and the chefs aren’t dazzling very much.  Not to mention there’s barely any drama among them.  These guys are so blah the show can’t even edit in good drama to make it seem like there’s tension.  We really haven’t seen much interaction between any of them.  Normally I’d be really happy about this but we’ve had a lot of group challenges where everyone seems like they’re playing not to lose, which makes for boring Top Chef.  I hope it changes soon.  (more…)