Montalbano Farms

Dutch Beets in Our CSA Box – What are Those?

Dutch beets with greens2My wife posted a picture last week with the caption: ‘Living with Peter means you walk into your kitchen and think what is that and how the hell do you eat it? Dutch beets apparently. Not some weird radish/carrot/potato hybrid thing like I thought.’ Ha! Working with new vegetables like Dutch beets is just one of the many reasons I really like our decision to get a custom CSA this year from Montalbano Farms in order to supplement our backyard plantings. I’d never seen this variety before so I eagerly added them to our weekly box! (more…)


Grilled Kohlrabi Fava Beans and Horseradish Greens ‘En Papier d’Aluminium’

Grilled Kohlrabi with fava beans and horseradish greensA few posts back I wrote about how we’ve been receiving a CSA box each week from Montalbano Farms and warned you I’d be getting creative with it. In that post there was a photo of some weekly goodies which held a couple of items I’d never used before: kohlrabi and horseradish greens (even prompted a call from my mom asking how I use the horseradish greens). First, I needed to know what the heck kohlrabi was and how to use it and the horseradish greens. Yup, sometimes I just order things blindly. (more…)