Dark & Stormy – A Perfect Summertime Cocktail

Time to start thinking about summer cocktails, and that means rum.  One rum cooler which I think is perfect for the heat is the Dark and Stormy.  It’s refreshing, simple to make, and delicious with just the right mixture of spice, sweet, and citrus.

A Cooling Cocktail for 4th of July – Bittered Gin Sling

Happy 4th of July!  Happy Birthday America!  Ridiculously hot here today in Chicago so Cheryl and I have been doing the most American of things today: taking advantage of central air conditioning and watching the Tour de France and Wimbledon from our couch.  We’ve got a picnic to attend later when it’ll hopefully be cooler,Continue reading “A Cooling Cocktail for 4th of July – Bittered Gin Sling”