Dark & Stormy – A Perfect Summertime Cocktail

Dark and StormyTime to start thinking about summer cocktails, and that means rum.  One rum cooler which I think is perfect for the heat is the Dark and Stormy.  It’s refreshing, simple to make, and delicious with just the right mixture of spice, sweet, and citrus.

You know how chefs are always going on about the quality of ingredients making dishes better?  Well, fancy rum and housemade exotic bitters have no place in a Dark and Stormy.  You need to have the original Bermuda ingredients: Gosling’s Black Seal rum and ginger beer, preferably Barritts.  Do NOT use any spiced rum with this cocktail and no using ginger ale as a shortcut.  In this case, keep it simple and stick with the original ingredients.

Dark & Stormy

  • 2 oz. Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
  • Juice from a wedge of lime
  • Lime wedges
  • 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Barritts Ginger Beer
  • Ice

In a highball glass packed with ice add the Goslings, bitters, and lime juice.  Top with Barritts ginger beer, stir to mix, and add a lime wedge (or 2 or 3).



  1. Shelly says:

    Now this is one of my favorite drinks! And unfortunately can be made very badly… Had too many bad experiences in bars that I only drink it at home. And I totally agree that its the ginger beer that is the key! Ginger ale is NOT a suitable substitute. I actually prefer mine with Old Jamaican Ginger Beer – gives it a bit of a kick. I also don’t add the Angostura bitters (more because I don’t have any at the moment) – but feel the Old Jamaican ginger beer is enough. Sometimes I go against the grain and use Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum – its a more mild spiced rum and I think it works well, but this is just my preference! I think I will have one now…

    1. I’m much more lenient on the ginger beer brand than the rum brand! From my research the bitters aren’t required. But you need to get some Gosling’s in the house! Enjoy.

      1. Will definitely have to try it with the Gosling’s. Today I had it with Appleton Estate – which is very good, but not my favorite. So far my favorite D&S rum is Havana Club 7. Mind you, my resources of getting rum are slightly limited. I do get a huge selection of crap to good brands. But I have to make a bit of an effort to get very nice rum… and I am lazy…
        But I can say that I have bought substandard ginger beer – which has made it almost undrinkable! Would have been better off drinking the rum straight… I just hate it when substandard mixers mess up your alcohol!

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