Scotland Part II – Some Food

After a very relaxing 10 days in Scotland, we’re back in Chicago. We went on two good hikes, the one I posted about last week and another one which put us across a glen from Ben Nevis. Couldn’t see the top of it though. It wasn’t all hiking up mountains though. We did find timeContinue reading “Scotland Part II – Some Food”

Travel Day! Headed North of the Wall (Eventually)

And we’re off! Well, actually we’ve been off since yesterday. I fully expected today’s post to have been written in Scotland, but unfortunately, we haven’t made it there quite yet! I’ll just have to wait another day to get my hands on a hog roast sandwich from my favorite place in Edinburgh.

Pan Tomate, A Honeymoon Memory

The calendar flipped to June this week and that means it’s anniversary month for Cheryl and me. The iron anniversary! My focus on Spain lately got me thinking about the tail end of our honeymoon in Barcelona, where we took a cooking class. Yes, we learned how to make pan tomate, a delicious way toContinue reading “Pan Tomate, A Honeymoon Memory”

San Gimignano and the Via Francigena, Travel Post Part 2

Hard to believe Cheryl and I were in San Gimignano going for a hike on the Via Francigena just a week ago. Seems like it was longer than that. What is it about vacation weeks moving too fast and work weeks taking forever? We covered the first part of our Tuscan holiday in my lastContinue reading “San Gimignano and the Via Francigena, Travel Post Part 2”

Roaming Around Tuscany – Travel Post, Part 1

It’s been 4 years since the last time we were in Italy. Waaaaay too long for me, so all year long whenever Cheryl asked ‘where would you like to travel next?’ I said ‘Italy.’ Every. Time. It seems to have worked because here we are in San Gimignano, Tuscany. Not that I really had toContinue reading “Roaming Around Tuscany – Travel Post, Part 1”

Travel Post: A Nice Hike in Snowmass

Out of town this week on a vacation with Cheryl’s family in the Colorado Rockies. We haven’t had much time to ourselves but were able to break away for a few hours the other morning for a nice hike along the ridge above where we’re staying in Snowmass. For all of my outdoors-y friends whoContinue reading “Travel Post: A Nice Hike in Snowmass”

Summer Travel Post: Long Holiday Weekend in Montreal

In what is becoming a fairly annual occurrence Cheryl and I once again ventured abroad over the 4th of July Independence Day holiday. In 2008 we were in Milan; 2012, Quebec City; 2013, Barcelona; 2014, Edinburgh. This year we headed back to Canada for a relaxing long weekend in Montreal. We ended up picking aContinue reading “Summer Travel Post: Long Holiday Weekend in Montreal”

Paris at Christmastime: A Fun Winter Trip

 It’s been almost two and half years since we were last in Paris over Easter weekend. The sun was shining and spring was doing what it normally does to cities, make them beautiful and lively. Paris in the spring is a wonderful, and we spent a lot of time outdoors. This time, it’s pre-Christmas winterContinue reading “Paris at Christmastime: A Fun Winter Trip”

48 Hours in Brussels – Mussels, Beer, and World Cup!

In what is becoming an annual summer rite, we once again set off on vacation over Fourth of July week. The past years have seen us journey to Italy, Quebec City, and Spain.  This year we were off to go visit her sister Shelly and her husband Ross in Edinburgh but decided a quick stopContinue reading “48 Hours in Brussels – Mussels, Beer, and World Cup!”