I’m Supposed to be Drinking Beer in Germany

Everyone is still sitting down so this must be early, only 1 or 2 litres in!

It’s really weird to be home when you’re supposed to be somewhere else. This week’s regular post was supposed to be interrupted by a trip to Germany to see my brother and his family…but…things didn’t quite work out that way. Ok so a little backstory for you. My birthday is this weekend and since we went away for Cheryl’s birthday in January, I requested a trip of my own. Last year, prior to our Tuscany trip we made a stop in Stuttgart to see my brother and it was timed perfectly since it coincided with Volkfest, the Stuttgart version of Oktoberfest. Anyway, craving some German beer we decided a long-er weekend visit was in order. However, the travel gods were not accommodating.

All was good to go until the air traffic controllers in France decided to strike. That meant some flights got canceled which moved people onto other flights. Our flight. As stand-by travelers we got bumped. It sucks but that’s the deal with stand-by flying. Sometimes you win, sometimes you do not win! C’est la vie, right?

Anyway, I had a couple really cool places picked out to see and had my blog posts for this week and next all plotted out but they were derailed. And since we were traveling this week I didn’t do any cooking at home. When we were driving back from the airport I said to Cheryl, ‘wow I’ve got nothing for this week’! Ever faithful she replied, ‘I bet you can whip something up.’ With my calendar kind of cleared I probably could have, but since I had ‘found time’ I got ahead on some other really important things for next week. I’m actually glad I had the time to do them too.

Sorry there’s nothing too fun or exciting this week, but I promise there will be in the weeks to come. Got some interesting things in the hopper and if you can believe it, this blog is coming up on its 5 year anniversary!




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