Month: March 2014

Artichokes & Asparagus with Olives and Lemon (Carciofi e Aspraragi)

Artichokes asparagus olives and lemonSpring is here!  Not quite temperature-wise but mainly in the appearance of vegetables like artichokes and asparagus at the store. Artichokes and asparagus are a great combination and I was really happy to have some different ‘in-season’ produce to work with. It’s not a very revolutionary preparation but a quick sauté with some acid (lemon) and salt (olives, cheese) gave us our first true crisp and bright spring dish for the year. (more…)


Sunday Dinner Side Dish: Potatoes Dauphinoise

Potatoes dauphinoiseWhile you may think this potato dish gets its name from being prepared for French royalty, it’s actually named after the region it comes from: Dauphiné.  The French have some great potato preparations and this is no exception.  Goes great with any Sunday dinner and since I hadn’t made Potatoes Dauphinoise in a long while it seemed like a good pairing for the roast chicken I was making.  (more…)

English Harbour, Antigua – A Vacation of Sun, Sand, and Rum

English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua – Galleon Beach at the bottom, Pigeon Beach is on the other side of the hill in the middle, Nelson’s Dockyard and our hotel are middle right. View from Shirley Heights

If there’s one thing which can help cure the gloomy mood of an overly long and cold winter, it’s a trip to an island with plenty of sun, rum, and beaches.  We tried to go to Antigua back over Valentine’s Day but a snowstorm knocked out the east coast and our flight was canceled.  Thanks winter.  We got the last laugh though as this weekend we finally made it out of Chicago to Antigua, and have spent the week melting off the winter blues. (more…)

Sicilian Pizza and Arcade Games

Sicilian pizzaThumbing through Classico e Moderno for some pizza ideas I came across a recipe for a Sicilian style pie which reminded me of pizzerias back home in New York and summers of riding around with friends playing arcade games.  Just like here in Chicago, we had different types of pizza growing up; the regular pizza, flat round, awesome crust (note I do not call it NY-style as it’s just pizza to us) and the other lesser known Sicilian, which was thick and rectangular, fluffy, and you only needed one slice.  Not all pizzerias had Sicilian and not everyone likes it.  Since I’ve lived away from home for 15 years now and haven’t seen a Sicilian slice outside of New York I figured I’d have a go at trying to make some. (more…)