Thanksgiving Cocktails

Nothing wrong with wine and beer for Thanksgiving but why not jazz things up a bit.  It’s a holiday, get some more holiday cheer flowing.  Heaven knows you sometimes need all the help you can get when dealing with family (not mine, they’re all saints, at least when viewed through the bottom of a cocktail glass they all have halos).  Two favorite cocktails of mine are the Old Fashioned and Manhattan, and I think they fit in well with the holiday.  One is made with rye and the other with bourbon.  Both have a touch of sweetness to them but not too much, and rye is a little spicier and has more grain and earthy flavor than bourbon.  With the heavy, salty, food you’re bound to nosh on you need a drink that will cut through it all.  What could be better on the All-American holiday than some potent potables made with good old American bourbon or rye whiskey?  Ok maybe not better but they’ll definitely help pass the time as the turkey cooks. (more…)