Sangria – World Cup and Wedding Memories

Summer. Sangria. They go hand-in-hand. A cooling mix of wine, fruit, and some liquor really hits the spot on a hot day. When we lived in Washington DC we’d enjoy some sangria and tapas at a great Spanish restaurant, Taberna del Alabardero. With the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup I found myself fondlyContinue reading “Sangria – World Cup and Wedding Memories”

Another Summer Cocktail: It’s Sweet, It’s Bitter, It’s a Negroni!

Sticking with the Italian theme of my previous post, the Negroni has to be near the top of the “simplest cocktails you can make” list.  It’s equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari.  The Negroni is refreshing, easy to make, and packs quite the wallop.  More than two of these and you’re asking for trouble.Continue reading “Another Summer Cocktail: It’s Sweet, It’s Bitter, It’s a Negroni!”