Kitchen Essentials – Truffle Salt

Every home cook and professional chef has their own favorite ingredient, spice, seasoning, etc.  For me the one must have ingredient I always make sure is in the cupboard is truffle salt.  It’s great with anything on eggs, meats, in sauces, on popcorn, with potatoes, risotto, macaroni and cheese, and pasta.  You’d be hard pressed to find something it would add some depth to.  I find it adds an extra layer of flavor that mingles in with the salt.  Two seasonings in one!  Forget garlic mashed potatoes.  Season your potatoes with some truffle salt and you’ll never go back.  Scrambled eggs and omelets never tasted better.  Mix it in some butter and put some on your steak while it’s resting.  Throw it on some chicken or in the sauce/gravy you’re making from the pan drippings (you do that with your chicken right? make a quick gravy while it’s resting?  who am I kidding, of course you do).

Oh so good in everything!

Now the reason truffle salt is my favorite secret seasoning is because I love truffles.  (more…)