Curry Brat Currywurst for Oktoberfest

It’s that time of year again…Oktoberfest! Beer, pretzels, sausage. I don’t know if currywurst is a traditional Oktoberfest dish but it is for Cheryl and me. It’s one of our favorite German festival foods and I make some for our Oktoberfest party. This year I’m putting a spin on the currywurst with a new sausage:Continue reading “Curry Brat Currywurst for Oktoberfest”


Braised Red Cabbage, A Perfect Autumn Side Dish

Red cabbage. Much sweeter than sauerkraut, braised red cabbage is the German restaurant equivalent of beans at a Mexican restaurant, always on the side of whatever dish you order. However, because of its sweet and acidy nature I think red cabbage is much more versatile than refried beans and it pairs well with many fallContinue reading “Braised Red Cabbage, A Perfect Autumn Side Dish”