how to make nduja

Nduja – Taking The Next Step on The Path of Charcuterie

Nduja - Spicy Calabrian sausageI am very excited about this week’s post. The first time we ate nduja was years ago at The Purple Pig here in Chicago and neither of us knew what it was, except that it was really fricking awesome. It’s a Calabrian sausage (toe of the Italian boot) and it is spicy! Spreadable, you can eat it on bread or add as a flavoring to soups, stews, stuff chicken breasts with it, mix in with sauce and pasta, have with eggs; it’s a very versatile sausage. Nduja also introduces a new technique for the artisanal craft sausage maker, fermenting. I don’t know if this technique is the pinnacle of sausage making but it sure seems so. (more…)