Special Event: Frühschoppen at Dovetail Brewery!

sk-fruhschoppenThis week’s post isn’t a recipe for something we’ve had this week. It’s about an upcoming event this Sunday we’re part of at one of our local breweries here in Chicago: Frühschoppen at Dovetail Brewery!

Yup that’s me up there. Remember back in August when I wrote about a sausage dish called Blaue Zipfel? Well that was something I did in the test kitchen for an event with our friends at Dovetail. The make German, Czech, and Belgian style beers and were talking to us about wanting to do an event called Frühschoppen. Frühschoppen is a German social custom where people get together for a ‘morning beer’ on Sundays, often with some food involved. And by food I mean sausages.  Apparently it started as an after-church gathering and instead of coffee and doughnuts the Germans upped it to beer and sausage. Of course they did.

Anyway, there was a part of me which wondered how many people might actually show up at 10am at a brewery in Chicago. But I shouldn’t have. There were plenty of Chicagoans ready to drink beer and eat sausages at that time of day. The event was a big success and we sold all the Blaue Zipfel we brought (45 servings) in the first 90 minutes! In fact it was such a success Dovetail asked me back and we’re going to doing it at least once a month, with the next one this Sunday. I’m pretty excited about it.

This Sunday we’re adding another dish. In addition to the Blaue Zipfel there will be some Curry Brat Currywurst. I know, I know, I’m mixing together Franconia and Berlin but they’re both sausage dishes and we all know sausage goes with beer so it’ll work.

If you’re in the Chicago region this weekend you should definitely try to check it out – details below.  If you’re not around, don’t worry there will be others!

When: Sunday October 23, starting at 10am
Where: Dovetail Brewery, 1800 W Belle Plaine Ave. Chicago, IL 60613
What: Blaue Zipfel and Curry Brat Currywurst $7 per serving



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