‘Cause Pasta Salad Is How I Feel

Pasta saladYou may not know it but on occasion there are times where I struggle a little to come up with ideas to write about. Even so, I’m able to pull something off.  Well, it caught up to me this week. Pasta salad pretty much sums it up.By that I mean there’s nothing really fancy about pasta salad and while there are delicious versions of it, there are also some pretty bad ones. To me, pasta salad is something you throw together when you’re mailing it in. Which is exactly what I’m doing this week!

It has been crazy busy with my real estate business and a few other things. I think I’ve spent more time in the car driving around this week than I have sleeping. And while I hate not having cooked anything good to write about this week, I realize that with the week I’ve had, I think I earned a bye week.

Anyway, apologies for coming up all pasta salad on you. Be back next week with something way better.

PS – huge bonus points to whoever guesses the song I paraphrased in the title.





  1. John G says:

    Ha great tune!

    1. Indeed it is! Be back to normal next week.

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