I Love My Panini Press

Perfect sandwich for a crisp fall Saturday

A long time ago I bought something from Williams-Sonoma which of course put me on their email list.  One day I received an email from them about a big sale on a Breville panini press It was pretty heavily discounted so I bought it.  One of my most favorite purchases.  Plug it in and while it’s heating up make your sandwich.  Mortadella was on sale this week so I picked some up with a little block of fontina for the sole purpose of making paninis with my freshly baked bread.  A little dijon mustard on the mortadella half, some olive oil drizzled on the outside of the sandwich and into the heated grill.  It’s hard not to keep checking but I’ve learned not to disturb it until I hear the sizzling noise melting cheese makes when it oozes out and hits the hot press.  One of these and some soup is the perfect casual lunch for a crisp fall Saturday afternoon!











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