Top Chef is Back!

I’m a huge fan of Top Chef and am always excited for the start of new seasons.  It’s come a long way since the beginning and the quality of contestants has just gotten better and better.  Personally I think the Vegas one had the toughest cast of chefs.  I’m not including the All-Star one since all of those chefs had been on before and pretty much knew what to expect.  It’s a great competition which for the most part is all about the food.  Cook poorly one time and you can go home.  Cheryl’s become a fan of it too which is good and bad.  Good that she wants to watch it but bad because now I get “can you make that for me?”  Spoilers ahead.

Well, it was an interesting new format on the show tonight.  They’ve basically doubled the invitees and are having more initial eliminations just to get on.  So everyone has to cook in groups and the best ones get top chef jackets.  If you suck you’re out and if you’re so-so you get to cook again.  Boy, if you’re in the last group you could be cooking for one spot depending on how the first two groups go.  If you’re on the bubble you may not even have a spot to cook for!  Not too impressed with this new American Idol-like format.  I mean, why didn’t they just pick the top 16 from the get go?

Man they really threw Chicago under the bus putting 4 in first group.  No worries though, Chicago kicked some pork butt!  4 got chef jackets in the first group and 1 got a jacket in the second.  That guy who ruined the pig butchering was amazing.  He had no clue, which again makes me ask why not just pick the 16 from the start?  Sucks we have to wait until next week to see who else gets in.  So in the end they’re wasting two episodes with this new format.  As always, when they stray from it being about the cooking the show falters just a little bit.  Still, by the looks of the ones who got through this could be one awesome season quality-wise.


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