Panzanella – Tomatoes and Stale Bread

I’m back! This week has been waaaaaay more manageable than last week and I’ve actually been cooking dinners again. So happy. It has also gotten very warm and feels more like it should be for Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. For us, summer brings salads and this panzanella is just the ticket…

‘Cause Pasta Salad Is How I Feel

You may not know it but on occasion there are times where I struggle a little to come up with ideas to write about. Even so, I’m able to pull something off.  Well, it caught up to me this week. Pasta salad pretty much sums it up.

Pinchos Morunos, Get Ready for Grilling

Didn’t take long for me to dive right into my new cook book and start sharing, did it? I’ve been going through it over the past week looking at sausages and getting ideas, but as I mentioned before there’s a lot more to Charcuteria than you’d think. This recipe for grilled kebabs with Moorish influenced…

New Kitchen Book – Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain

It’s not often you see me write about stuff other than food I’ve been cooking or sausages I’ve been making. That should tell you something about this particular acquisition. If you are into making sausages and curing meat you need to get yourself a copy of Charcuteria: The Soul of Spain, by Jeffrey Weiss.