Month: March 2016

Cooking Easter Lamb in a Work Zone

Easter dinnerWe’re a little more than a week into our kitchen work and it’s going really well. In fact, the kitchen really looks like a kitchen again and it feels good. Lots of the anxiousness from last week has melted away. Mostly because the sink finally showed up, but also because our stove got hooked up in time to roast my Easter leg of lamb. (more…)


Please Pardon The Mess…Updating Our Kitchen

Kitchen2Cheryl and I have been looking at this kitchen since we bought the place back in 2012. We upgraded the appliances shortly after moving in but held off doing anything major. It wasn’t that horrible and since it’s not the kitchen that does the cooking we figured we’d overlook the decor until we couldn’t stand it any longer. We reached that point over the winter. (more…)

Wheaten Soda Bread

Soda Bread WheatenCorned beef and cabbage is the traditional food on St. Patrick’s Day here in America, and is usually accompanied with Irish soda bread. However, there’s much more of a chance in seeing soda bread year round in Irish pubs and restaurants. And just like corned beef and cabbage is an American contribution to St. Paddy’s Day, so is soda bread. (more…)

Braised Pork Belly with a Blood Orange Ginger Glaze

blood orange ginger glazed pork bellyJust a quick post this week as real life is intruding a bit and I am running hither, thither, and yon. Anyway, I know you were left wondering ‘what did he do with the other half of the pork belly from last week’s post.’ Well, wonder no more. I fancied up a simple braise with a delicious blood orange and ginger glaze. (more…)

Pork Belly Goulash (Gulyás) with Spaetzle

Pork Belly GoulashThis week I fully intended on turning pork belly into bacon and thawed a 4 ½ lb slab, but we were super busy over the weekend so I never got around to it. Unlike last week’s ‘blizzard’ Tuesday was actually quite a miserable day with some rain, sleet, and snow. Good old wintry mix. Not much but just enough to make you want a nice hot dinner. So I took some of the pork belly and made a pork belly goulash. (more…)