Spice Club from Savory Spice and Coffee Spiced Sausage Rigatoni

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I purchase my spices and herbs from a shop in Lincoln Square called Savory Spice. Last week I received an email from the store’s owner, Dave, asking if I’d be interested in taking a look at a new program they were introducing called Spice Club. Sounded very interesting, especiallyContinue reading “Spice Club from Savory Spice and Coffee Spiced Sausage Rigatoni”

Vellutata de Ceci (Chick Pea Soup) – Tuscan Vacation Inspiration

A few weeks ago, on our last day in San Gimignano, we ate lunch at a small place just off the main piazza called Osteria del Carcere. Despite being just down the street from where all the tourists congregate and queue up for gelato (there’s an award-winning gelateria in San Gimignano) the osteria seemed ratherContinue reading “Vellutata de Ceci (Chick Pea Soup) – Tuscan Vacation Inspiration”

San Gimignano and the Via Francigena, Travel Post Part 2

Hard to believe Cheryl and I were in San Gimignano going for a hike on the Via Francigena just a week ago. Seems like it was longer than that. What is it about vacation weeks moving too fast and work weeks taking forever? We covered the first part of our Tuscan holiday in my lastContinue reading “San Gimignano and the Via Francigena, Travel Post Part 2”

Roaming Around Tuscany – Travel Post, Part 1

It’s been 4 years since the last time we were in Italy. Waaaaay too long for me, so all year long whenever Cheryl asked ‘where would you like to travel next?’ I said ‘Italy.’ Every. Time. It seems to have worked because here we are in San Gimignano, Tuscany. Not that I really had toContinue reading “Roaming Around Tuscany – Travel Post, Part 1”

Poulet Normande – Because It’s Fall

As the calendar flips to October I feel it is time to start cooking more regularly in the kitchen. This week, in celebration of kicking off fall menus, I decided to make a simple one pot dinner: Poulet Normande, or Chicken Normandy. A delicious, early fall dinner to help warm up the now chilly nights.